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CP-TEL offers the latest in Internet, digital television, and telephone services. We know telecommunications, we know the Natchitoches and Sabine Parishes, and we are committed to both.

Who We AreCompany History

The year was 1910. Alexander Graham Bell had invented the telephone and summoned his faithful assistance Watson some 34 years earlier. The first commercial radio was on sale and people were ready to step up to voice communications and away from the telegraph. Pleasant Hill, like many other communities, started enjoying wire line telephone service with 75 telephones, one switchboard, one long distance circuit--the 20th Century had arrived.

Campti welcomed telephone service in 1916 when a clever and motivated citizen put up a telephone line connecting the drug store, doctor's office, sawmill, and several other local businesses.

By 1943 the equipment and businesses for both companies operating the Campti and Pleasant Hill telephone systems had been purchased by entrepreneur Lawrence McCorkle Gill who ran the phone company with the help of his family. CP-TEL remains a family owned business, committed to delivering the latest technology and quality customer care.

CP-TEL Today

The digital communication age is here and CP-TEL is your partner. With newly installed fiber optic and copper networks, CP-TEL offers the latest in communications technology and services. We provide a variety of cutting edge communciations services including high-speed Internet, digital television, fiber-to-the-home, and Fast Ethernet.

Our telephone service area covers more than 700 square miles with customers located in Natchitoches, Sabine, and DeSoto Parishes.

From the party lines and switchboards of the past, to digital fiber optics, high-speed Internet, and digital television, CP-TEL has been there for customers. One thing is sure; whatever lies ahead for communications world, CP-TEL will be there to keep you connected.