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Residential Services

High-Speed Internet, TV and Phone

CP-TEL offers the latest in high-speed Internet, full-featured digital television, and telephone services. We pride ourselves on courteous, professional service. Friendly and knowledgeable assistance is available via the local office, calling toll free 1-888-357-0089 option 2, and by e-mail.

TVResidential Digital Television

CP-TEL is proud to bring state-of-the art television services to the Campti, Pleasant Hill, Natchitoches areas. Our television services are delivered to your TV over our high-quality broadband and fiber network.

Why choose CP-TEL Digital Television?

  • Free HD!
  • More of the channels YOU want
  • Instant On Demand Movies, Special Events and more
  • 80 Hour DVR Service - Record and watch when you want to
  • Channel Blocking/Parental Controls
  • One local call for service and support
  • TV, High-Speed Internet, & Telephone bundles save you money!
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What you get with CP-TEL Digital Television

Free HD!
Never pay for HD channels again with CP-TEL Digital Television. Experience the highest quality signals in the market today. Our all fiber network allows us to deliver high definition channels to our customers exactly as the networks send them to us. We do not compress any of our HD channels to save on bandwidth.

Plenty of Choices - 200+ Channels
CP-TEL has all of the channels you know and love. We offer more than 240 channels including all the popular networks you expect, CD-quality music channels, premium movie channel suites, and Movies On Demand. View our Channel Lineup

Video On Demand
Choose from the best hit movies without leaving your home. Use your remote to pause, rewind, fast-forward. Stop your movie anytime and play from where you left off from any TV in your home for 24 to 48 hours (depending on the title). Pay for new release movies or select from our extensive library of free programs. Be on the lookout for Free Movie Fridays, CP-TEL's way of saying thanks for being our customer. Best of all - No late fees!


DVR stands for Digital Video Recorder and is a device that puts you in control of your TV viewing schedule. With a DVR from CP-TEL, television broadcasts can easily be scheduled for recording right from the programming schedule or by using the search feature. Schedule recording for your favorite shows weekly or daily no matter what time they come on. Record up to 80 hours of TV goodness. Watch your shows when you want and keep them or delete them, its up to you. Pause, rewind, or fast-forward, anytime during any record program - never see another commercial again!

Caller ID on your TV
With CP-TEL Digital television service, when you get a phone call the Caller ID information shows up right on the TV screen. You don't even have to pick up your phone to know who is calling! It even keeps a log of your calls, even when your TV is off. This feature requires you to subscribe to CP-Tel's voice service with Caller ID.

Parental Controls
Control what television programs your children have access to with CP-TEL's Digital Television service. Block programs by rating, hide channels from appearing, and/or limit purchase of Video On Demand content. Blocked content can be viewed by entering a code with your remote control.

Channel Blocking
Only see the channels you want to see with the CP-TEL's Channel Blocking feature. Create favorites lists and cycle through them using your remote control. With CP-TEL Digital Television you can have your TV programming your way.

One Bill
Save money when you bundle Digital TV with Phone and Internet service from CP-TEL. Take advantage of CP-TEL's special bundle offerings and take advantage of our next-generation communications network while only have one bill to pay each month.

Digital TV Pricing / A la carte

Digital TV Plans

Service Availability
(131 SD + 40 HD channels) $89.95/month
Upgrade to Premier
(57 SD + 9 HD channels) $14.00/month

High Definition Service (HD)

Free! with Essentials or Premier Package

Movie Suites

Suites available: 6 HBO, 6 Cinemax, 6 Showtime, 6 Starz!
1st suite $17.95/month
2nd suite $13.00/month
3rd suite $11.00/month
4th suite $8.00/month

DVR Service

Record, pause, fast-forward, and rewind up to 80 hours of TV
HD DVR Set Top Box rental $13.95/month

Equipment Rental

HD Set Top Box Requied to view HD channels
HD Set Top Box rental$6.95/month
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