Lakeside Computer Man

Residential Services

High-Speed Internet, TV and Phone

CP-TEL offers the latest in high-speed Internet, full-featured digital television, and telephone services. We pride ourselves on courteous, professional service. Friendly and knowledgeable assistance is available via the local office, calling toll free 1-888-357-0089 option 2, and by e-mail.

Computer Help Your Way

Your home computer is essential to your daily life. Whether you're looking to setup, secure or repair your computer, CP-TEL will get the job done. Our knowledgeable, friendly technicians will help you in the way that your prefer.

  • Our House: Bring your computer to us
  • Your House:  We will come to you
  • Remote Support: Call us, and we will access your computer remotely

Safe@Home Services:

The Bundle  |  $14.95 / month
Five great services are bundled together and any activation fees are waived. The bundle includes Remote Support, Vipre Internet Security, Carbonite Backup, Managed WiFi, and WireGuard.
Requires 12 month commitment.
$9.95 for each additional device.

Vipre Internet Security Software & Installation
Virus and firewall protection .

Carbonite Personal Basic Backup Software & Installation
Back up all of your important files to the cloud. Includes unlimited storage for one device.

Managed WiFi 
We will help you connect your wireless devices to the Internet. We'll also assist you with port forwarding and getting your gaming console online.

We repair any internal wiring at no additional charge.

Your House:
Services Performed at Your Home**

All of the repair and support services that we can perform in our office can be done onsite at your home.
$110 / hour
Available within a 30 minute one way trip from any of our three office locations.

Remote Support: Call us

Utilizing secure remote technology, our technicians are ale to connect to your computer safely over the Internet and fix the problem while you sit and watch. Support is available for PCs, laptops, phones, tablets, gaming consoles, and printers.
$9.95 / month
Available to CP-TEL Internet customers only.
Requires 3 month commitment or a single service for $34.95

Our House:
Services Performed at CP-TEL*

DIAGNOSTICS       $50 / $40 CP-TEL Customers
Before we do any work on your PC, a technician will access your device and recommend a course of action. If CP-TEL performs the recommended work, the fee will be waived.

VIRUS REMOVAL        $75 / $60 CP-TEL Customers
Removal of all virus, spyware, malware, Trojans, adware, and any other malicious software, OS updates and patches will also be installed.

$75 / $60 CP-TEL Customers
Clean system startup, identify and remove any software that may be slowing the performance of your computer.

 $75 / $60 CP-TEL Customers
Includes installation of one piece of software and testing to ensure that it works the way it should.

$75 / $60 CP-TEL Customers
Installation and setup of the Internet browser(s) you prefer and configuration of your email accounts.

Installation of printers, web cams, hard drive or other computer peripheral. Includes testing to ensure that it works properly with your computer.

BACKUP RECOVERY   $75 / $60 CP-TEL Customers
Retrieval of files from a damaged computer or hard drive.

NEW PC SETUP   $75 / $60 CP-TEL Customers
Get started on the right foot. We'll get your computer setup and running.

*A 20% discount on PC Repair service is offered to customers subscribing to CP-TEL Internet, television an/or telephone service

 ** Available within a 30 minute one way trip from any of our three office locations.