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How do I setup a Conference Call?

Access the Web Interface
  1. Open your Web browser and go to
  2. Click the Audio Conferencing link on the menu bar. Then select the Audio Conferencing Web Interface link.
  1. Enter your User ID and PIN when prompted and click the Login button. Record your User ID and PIN in the space below for future reference. Call CP-TEL is you do not know your User ID and PIN.
Create a Conference
  1. On the next screen click Create a New Conference.
  2. Enter Your Code - Enter a 5-digit code from the list provided for you by CP-TEL and click Submit. This is the Conference Code Number that participants will enter when joining the conference.
  3. Set Ports - In Section 1 choose the number of ports required for this conference. The number of ports is equal to the number of telephones that will be used in the conference.
  4. Enter Description - Enter a description for the conference if you’d like. The description is not required, but it can help you keep track of multiple conferences.
  5. Set Date and Time - In Section 2 choose the date, time, and duration of the conference. Make sure you allow enough time for your conference.
  6. Choose Participants - In Section 5 choose your participants by highlighting the name and clicking the button to add them as Invited Participants. Repeat until all your participants are selected. If the participants are not in the Section 5 list, go to Section 6 and click the Add button. Enter the persons name, create a User ID (usually the first initial and last name is used) and create a 4-digit PIN. If you have an email address this should be entered in the email field. Click Submit. Repeat to add more guests.
  7. Pin Option - In order to have participants go directly into the conference without authentication, select the PIN Not Required option in Section 7, otherwise leave the default setting of PIN Required. Be sure invited guests know the Conference Code Number and PIN if required.
  8. Submit - After entering information for all guests click the Submit button.
  1. If you would like an email sent to your invited participants, click Yes (or if not click No).
  2. Notify the participants of the conference bridge telephone number (318-238-3001 or 1-888-610-4060) and the Conference Code entered in step 4.
  3. Please give participants the CP-TEL support phone numbers should they require assistance logging on to the conference call (318-352-0006 and 1-888-357-0089).