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How do I change the password for my Voice Mailbox?

  1. Dial 238-4222, then either:
    • Press # if calling from teh phone your voice mail is subscribed to, OR
    • If using Auto Login and accessing from your home phone no entry is required, OR
    • Enter your telephone number, if calling from a remote phone.
  2. If requested, Enter your password, followed by the # key. Your password will be a default of four zeroes (0000) until you change it.
  3. Press 9 for mailbox setup.
  4. Press 2 to change your password.
  5. Enter your new password, followed by the # key. The password is any series of up to 16 digits you choose. You will be unable to access your mailbox without this password, so be sure to choose one you will remember.
  6. To verify, Enter your password, followed by the # key.