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How do I access a sub-mailbox in my Voice Mail?

  1. Dial 238-4222, then either:
    • Press # if calling from teh phone your voice mail is subscribed to, OR
    • If using Auto Login and accessing from your home phone no entry is required, OR
    • Enter your telephone number, if calling from a remote phone.
  2. If you are the group administrator and wish to record a group greeting, Press * to access the Group Greeting Menu. Voice prompts will guide you through those setps.
  3. If you would like to retrieve messages, from your sub-mailbox, enter your sub-mailbox number.
  4. If requested, Enter your password, followed by the # key. Your password will be a default of four zeroes (0000) until you change it.
  5. Main Menu: Press 1 to retrieve messages, Press 5 to hear which sub-mailboxes have new messages, or Press 9 for mailbox setup.