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How can I protect my computer from viruses, spy-ware and other threats?

As a customer of CP-Tel, here are a few maintenance tips that will enable you as a PC user to enhance the life of your pc as well as minimizing the threats that are awaiting your PC. Listed below are computer services that you as a PC user will want to implement.
  1. The first computer service is to have virus protection software.
    • Purpose: This software is used to protect your computer from potential viruses while on the internet surfing or receiving email.
    • Examples:
    • Note: Your virus protection software must be updated as much as possible. Most software strives to update itself daily by getting on-line and going to a particular website for updates.
  2. The second computer service is to update windows.
    • Purpose: Windows updates are for your computer’s operating systems (win95, win98, win2000, winME, winXP), software and hardware. By up dating windows your computer will be up-to-date with Microsoft’s most recent fixes and updates to keep your computer running smoothly.
    • Website: (
    • Note: You should check for updates as often as possible to ensure that your computer has the proper updates.
  3. The third computer service is to search and find all spy-ware and remove each instance.
    • Purpose: Spy-ware is software installed without the customer’s consent to gather information about the user for later retrieval by the controller of the spy-ware. Spy-ware logs information about the user such as passwords, email addresses, web browsing history, online buying habits, the computer’s hardware and software configuration, the name, age and sex of the user.
    • Main Spy-ware culprits: Kaazaa, Gator, Limewire, Imesh and Bearshare.
    • Note: By downloading things such as Kaazaa and other spy-ware, you are giving these companies a way to generate pop up ads that enables advertisement. Spy-ware latches onto your browser and generates pop up ads and as a result many see pornographic pictures.
    • Websites:
  4. This fourth computer service will help stop pop-ups if your operating system is Windows 2000 or earlier (Windows XP already includes pop-up stoppers). Try either the Google Toolbar for your browser or the Yahoo Toolbar. Both do a great job with blocking those annoying pop-ups windows.