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How do I setup and use Call Waiting?

Here's How Your Call Waiting Feature Alerts You
  • A beep tone tells you another call is waiting.
  • If you have Personal Ringing, you will hear a different beep tone to match the ring of each number so you will know which number is being called.
  • Another reminder tone will be heard 10 seconds later if the waiting call remains unanswered
  • The second caller hears the normal ringing tone only.
To Answer the Second Call
Depress the switchhook for about one second to place your first call on hold. You will automatically be connected with the second caller.

To Alternate Between Calls
By depressing the switchhok for about a second, you may alternate between calls. Each conversation is private and cannot be heard by the other caller.

To Terminate Either call
Simply hang up. Your telephone will then ring and when you answer, you'll be connected with the other caller.

To Temporarily Cancel Call Waiting (where available) Before Making a Call
  1. Listen for dial tone.
  2. Dial "*70"
  3. Dial the number you wish to reach.
To Temporarily Cancel Call Waiting (where available) While a Call is in Progress, If you have Three-Way Calling
  1. Depress the switchhook for about one second to put the call on hold.
  2. Listen for dial tone.
  3. Dial "*70".
  4. Depress the switchhook to return to your call. Call waiting is automatically reactivated when you hang up.
Note: You cannot cancel call waiting while a call is in progress and a third party is trying to reach you.